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Published: March 30, 2021
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Ben Woolfitt begins each day by drawing. Using graphite, silver and metal leaf and selected objects for frottage, Woolfitt plumbs the depths of his unconscious as he draws on each page of his books. Although best known for his large-format paintings, Woolfitt has completed hundreds of drawings which showcase his signature process: taking a pre-existing sign — a piece of bamboo, for example — and imbuing it with subjective energies through the act of recording and accentuating its impression on the page.

The drawings in Ben Woolfitt: Rhythms & Series are charged with rich psychological meaning; they speak where language fails. Distributed randomly in his drawing books, Woolfitt’s work transforms the linear structure of the bound volume into a nonlinear repository of his sensations and feelings, offering a special glimpse into his psyche.

Ben Woolfitt: Rhythms & Series contains more than 65 reproductions of Woolfitt’s distinctive drawings along with an interview with the artist by AGO curators Kenneth Brummel and Alexa Greist.

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